WiSAR showcase three Industry 4.0 pilots under project SAFER

As partners in the Interreg Atlantic Area project, SAFER, led by ERNACT, WiSAR has developed and implemented three Industry 4.0 pilot initiatives aimed at improving the technological adoption and innovation performance of the economy of the sea.

In collaboration with the Loughs Agency in Derry (North Ireland), WiSAR Lab developed 2 pilots to help sustain and grow the natural oyster population.

One of the pilots involves the development of an app to monitor the environmental conditions of oyster restorative tanks on the banks of Lough Foyle in Derry (North Ireland). Another initiative was an innovative oyster bag tagging app, to remove the hand-written aspect of inspection procedures in oyster fishing and to help to inform about the future sustainable fishing practices.

Under the SAFER project, WiSAR also developed a digital quality control reporting system for the world’s largest seafood processor Mowi, eradicating large amounts of paper-based filling, with faster reporting and automatic transcription.

Hear from WiSAR’s Principal Investigator, Dr Nick Timmons, and Software Engineer, Kieran McGee, as they explore the implementation and impact of the three WiSAR SAFER pilot initiatives.

To find out more about Project Safer visit https://www.saferatlantic.eu/