WiSAR Research Partnership with Young Loreto Scientist

The WiSAR research team, together with the ATU Letterkenny Department of Computing, recently collaborated with Loreto Secondary School pupil, Arya, in the development of a data-driven project for the monitoring of water quality.

Arya’s project Proof of Concept (PoC) required the use of sensors, data capture and transmission, cloud storage of data and a mobile application. The mobile app would allow users to view indicators of water quality on their smartphone and to receive alerts if the water quality moved outside pre-set limits.

Arya approached Dr. Gary Cullen in ATU Letterkenny Computing Department for guidance on app development, cloud service provider selection and hardware options. Dr Cullen then consulted WiSAR to advise Arya on the choice of hardware, especially the use of an analogue turbidity sensor that was a centrepiece indicator of water quality.

The WiSAR research team were delighted to help this young scientist calibrate the sensor and capture subtle fluctuations in water turbidity to the cloud in near-real time.

WiSAR, together with the academic staff at ATU Letterkenny, understand the importance of supporting students like Arya as they devise new and innovative ways of using data to deal with real world challenges.

Following this, Arya won the Scifest 2024 Physics Award for the project at ATU Letterkenny.

We wish Arya every success in her project and her ongoing studies.