Technology Insights- Blockchain Meets AI


‘Technology Insights’ brings together a range of relevant and exciting industry topics highlighting current, new and emerging technologies in sectors such as MedTech, Software, Biotechnology, Food and Manufacturing. The series aims to provide Irish industry with a platform for interesting and engaging discussion on a wide range of current and future technologies, presented by industry experts.


The next webinar in the series takes place on Thursday 7th october 2021 and will focus on “Blockchain meets AI: How distributed ledger technology can support AI through a shared and trusted data model”

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies offer a solution in scenarios where data needs to be shared between different parties, who may not necessarily trust each other, but who need to trust the validity and integrity of the shared data. Examples include supply chains and traceability, the secure sharing of sensitive data such as medical records, and of course digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) also rely on access to trusted and valid data. Oisín Boydell, Principal Data Scientist at CeADAR, gives an overview of blockchain and discusses how distributed ledger technology can also support AI through a shared and trusted data model.Presenter bio:

Dr Oisín Boydell is Principal Data Scientist at CeADAR, the Enterprise Ireland and IDA supported Technology Centre for applied AI based at UCD. His primary interests include deep learning and machine learning, as well as a specific focus on blockchain technology. Oisín leads CeADAR’s Applied Research Group which delivers industry focussed, applied research projects in collaboration with industry partners across a broad range of AI and related technology areas.

CeADAR Technology Centre:

CeADAR is Ireland’s national centre for Applied AI. CeADAR is a market-focused technology centre that drives the accelerated research, development, and deployment of AI and data analytics technology and innovation into businesses.  The Centre is the bridge between the worlds of applied research in AI and data analytics and their commercial deployment.

CeADAR is funded by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, is headquartered in University College Dublin and is a partnership with the Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT).

The Centre’s work focuses on developing tools, techniques and technologies that enable more people, organisations and industries to use analytics and AI for better decision making, unlocking hidden insights and sustained competitive advantage.

Date: Thursday 7th October 2021

Time: 11.00am – 11.45am

For further details and registration please see here.