Intelligent systems and software applies modern systems control to new existing systems.

Computer based logic control can be implemented to improve workflow by automatically making decisions based on system status such as sensor data as well as storing any information on environmental details for production analyses and monitoring. Manufacturing systems can be monitored and controlled, live data from processes can be displayed and stored to generate reports and analyzed to improve future workflow or to identify bottlenecks in processes.

In a typical machine implementation, a main PCBA board controls and monitors sensors and actuators as illustrated. Data from the PCBA board is reported back to a main LINUX control board which also aggregates data from other sources and communicates to the outside world, such as to the cloud or a system screen.

WiSAR Expertise:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Database Design
  • Data Acquisition
  • Logical Systems control
  • Remote Sensors
  • Linux programming environment
  • GUI
  • HTML

Equipment and Facilities:

  • 3D Printer for prototype development and custom enclosures
  • Circuit Board Printing
  • Prototype assembly