SMARTrenew Final Conference: Energy Innovation in the Arctic Region

The Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme, SMARTrenew, will hold the final project conference, Energy Innovation in the Arctic Region, live and virtual, from Oulu Finland, on March 22nd and 23rd, 2022.

SMARTrenew, which is led by the WiSAR Lab, LYIT, is a project which spans across 6 areas within the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, wherein there is varying levels of renewable maturity and diverse climatic environments.

The aim of SMARTrenew is to transfer to knowledge from partners across the NPA region to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of renewable energy sources and implement innovative and sustainable energy storage solutions.

The Closing Conference event will explore a wide range of renewable energy solutions, from hydrogen to geothermal, undertaken as part of project SMARTrenew, in accelerating the energy transition in peripheral, arctic locations.

Energy Innovation in the Arctic Region will bring together energy experts, academics, SME’s, regional policy authorities and the general public over two days to share learnings and experiences and increase the awareness of smart and renewable energy solution possibilities across northern areas.


Date: Tuesday 22.03.2022

Time: 1pm-4pm (GMT+2) (EET)

Location: Live at Linnanmaa campus, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Oulu, Finland

  • Welcome Address- Introduction and background to project SMARTrenew
  • The Discreet District Heating– Possibilities and challenges in district heating across sparsely populated areas.
  • Electric Vehicles: Conquering the Arctic– How to boost transport electrification, and should we?
  • Yes! In My Backyard: Local Policy– How can regional policy create a greener future?
  • The Heat Under Our Feet: Geothermal in the arctic


Date: Wednesday 23.03.2022

Time: 9am-12pm (GMT+2) (EET)

Location: Live at Linnanmaa campus, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Oulu, Finland

  • Smart, Smarter, The Grid– Electricity and smart grid development opportunities
  • Making Cities-Making Future– Smart Energy Possibilities in Cities (Kaukovainio district)
  • Energy Storage To The Rescue- Innovative seasonal energy storage possibilities
  • To Hydrogen Or Not To Hydrogen?- Hydrogen as a part of future energy systems
  • Winds Of Change: Wind Power– Wind power development and future in the North

Networking event from 1pm-4pm Wednesday the 23rd of March

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