Summer Intern Opportunity – SMART WATER

Summer Intern Opportunity – Smart Water

Ugandan Water Pump

Summer Intern Opportunity

Investigation into the state of the art of water condition monitoring

LYIT has an on-going research project called SMART WATER to develop a system to improve the reliability of hand pump boreholes in Uganda through remote monitoring and informed management. The low power monitoring device designed and developed by LYIT underpins the project.  We have a graduate opportunity available to investigate what additional functionality could be added around water contamination and how such contamination could be measured remotely.

Project Objective: 

To understand what is required to measure water contamination and identify off the self (OTS) sensors that can be used to characterise water contamination.


  • Investigate the most common causes and concerns with respect to water contamination in general and more specifically in Africa
  • Identify what characteristics are required to be monitored for water contamination
  • Investigate how these contaminants may be simply and reliably measured in the field, for example using water conductivity measurements
  • Working with the electronics department identify OTS sensors that can be utilised for water contamination measurements
  • Time permitting conduct experiments of interest

Duration:  Up to 12 weeks


Report into the main contamination concerns facing water supply in developing countries, the state of the art in water contamination measurement and the identification of a practical solution which may be explored, such as water conductivity.

Gross Salary:

€380 per week (equivalent to €1646.67 per month).

Salary will be paid through LYIT and will be subject to PRSI and tax as required.


Minimum of a 2:1 (Hons) degree in Engineering or Science.

If interested please send a short form CV to before 3pm on 16th June 2020.