Register Now: Chat GPT- A Practical Path to a Smarter Business

ChatGPT: A Practical Path to a Smarter Business

As part of the Local Enterprise Week 2024, the WiSAR Lab presents “Chat GPT- A Practical Path to a Smarter Business” between 10am-12pm, Friday, March 8th at Colab, ATU Donegal.

Event: ChatGPT: A Practical Path to a Smarter Business

Date: Friday March 8th

Time: 10am-12pm

Location: Colab, ATU Donegal, Port Road, Letterkenny F92 PHF4

Background: ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art Large Language Model developed by OpenAI, has rapidly evolved over the past three years, transforming the way businesses interact with AI technology.

As part of the ‘Large Language Models for Small to Medium Enterprises’ series, this workshop is designed to unlock the potential of ChatGPT for SMEs.

This interactive session will guide you through the practical applications of ChatGPT in various business areas, from enhancing customer service to streamlining operations. We will delve into real-world scenarios, providing hands-on experiences and discussing the ethical considerations of AI in the business context.

Participants will leave with actionable insights on how to effectively integrate ChatGPT into their business strategies, preparing them for a future where AI is an integral part of business innovation and growth.

Registration: Registration is now open with limited places available. Register here