Register Now: Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

 Register now for the upcoming Data2Sustain webinar on “Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector,” taking place on June 27 at 10:00 Irish Time (11:00 CET).

This event will explore the transformative potential of AI in the public sector and is designed to demystify AI, discuss essential considerations for its adoption, and inspire a deeper interest in AI and skill development.

➡ Dr. Margaret Quinn, from hashtag#ERNACT, who will discuss “Harnessing AI for Good: AI’s Potential in the Public Sector.”
Ulf Hedestig, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Informatics @ Umea university, who will dive into “AI and Ethics.”
Aoife D’Arcy, CEO at Krisolis, who will share her insights on “Gen AI: What’s All the Hype About?”
Victor Vila, Data & AI Project Manager at ARNia, Agence Régionale du Numérique et de l’intelligence artificielle, who will present on “New Regional Use Cases of AI in the Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.”

Register now to secure your spot.