HVAC Monitoring System

HVAC Monitoring System

Omega Technologies Ltd are a maintenance facilities management company in Northern Ireland. Their main work areas are in Property maintenance for commercial and residential premises and Mechanical services for public and private sector contracts which range from residential developments to industrial and commercial projects

Problem To Be Solved

Omega Technologies Ltd recognised a problem where Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) become less energy efficient when they become older due to a number of reasons including dirty/clogged filters and coils, compressor failure, fan failure, missing panels, failed sensors and other problems. These problems may eventually lead to the failure of a HVAC unit which will then leads to expensive repair or replacement of the unit. Therefore, if the company can identify when the efficiency of the HVAC unit is deteriorating over a period of time they can instigate preventive maintenance before a major failure occurs.

WiSAR Solution

WiSAR initially compiled a feasibility report to determine the suitability of systems on the market that would meet the client’s requirements. A bespoke system was preferred by the client which WiSAR designed, developed and prototyped in-house. This consisted of incorporating 5 separate wireless temperature sensors (Flow, Return, Outside, Supply, Exhaust), a wireless 3-Phase Energy Meter and a central receiver (Hub) connected to a PC/Laptop. Each temperature transmitter was configured with a unique ID for the hub to recognise which temperature it was reading i.e. flow temperature, return temperature, outside temperature, supply air temperature, and exhaust air temperature. Firmware was developed for the 3 phase energy meter to include wireless capabilities and to report transmit frequency, current and voltage along with ID to the hub unit. The hub unit was set up to have a COM port and this was used to communicate all temperate sensor and energy meter data received to a PC application.

Impact & Benefits

WiSAR delivered a working prototype to the client which facilitated field trials and enabled the company to seek further funding to refine and expand the project. Future work includes reporting sensor and meter reading data directly to the Cloud.


HVAC Monitoring System