Autonomous Real-Time Monitoring and Detection Solution

Journey Protector Ltd

Using IoT (Internet of Things), machine learning and blockchain technology, Journey Protector helps to protect vulnerable people through life’s journeys with their autonomous real-time monitoring and detection solution protecting life and load, in sectors such as logistics.

Journey Protector’s innovative system is installed within a client-controlled environment, for example container lorries, providing real-time monitoring of the conditions inside. If the system detects an unexpected change in the environmental conditions an alert is automatically transmitted to the client, without the need for intervention from the driver.

Problem to be Solved

The rise in human trafficking, driver exposure and cargo theft were the driving forces behind the formation of Journey Protector.

Criminal organisations are familiar with the current security systems and their flaws, and they have exploited these vulnerabilities at a huge cost to both life and load. The Journey Protector solution removes the ability of drivers to collude in people trafficking or cargo theft, restores their ‘innocent until proven guilty status’ and provides protection for stowaways from injury or death.

The innovative system provides full transparency to the conditions within a client controlled environment, as well as a unique mechanism to notify the client of any potential security breaches.

The company approached WiSAR to develop a prototype system meeting the above requirements.

Impact for the Company

 The collaboration with WiSAR Technology Gateway delivered an operational prototype that enabled the Journey Protector to perform field trials of their concept. WiSAR researchers produced a prototype system to demonstrate and validate the concept, enabling Journey Protector to secure funding for the next stage of their product development.

Autonomous Real-Time Monitoring and Detection Solution
Quote Mark

We were introduced to the WiSAR Technology Gateway at an early stage of the company’s development, and they have been part of our journey to date.  They have provided timely prototypes at important points and have been instrumental in turning our vision into reality.  We have found their service excellent and look forward to continuing our relationship with them to develop our system further.”

Anne Lawlor, CEO, Journey Protector