Technical Consultancy

WiSAR can provide technical consultancy in the broad area of electronic product design, wireless networks, sensors, personal sensing, localization, antenna design and test.  The Technology Gateway can also act as an access point to other areas of expertise within Letterkenny Institute of Technology and the Technology Gateway Network.

Companies who have an electronic challenge, software development or product development need can make an appointment to learn more about our capabilities and explore a potential partnership.  If required, an NDA can be put in place.

Technical consultancy takes the form of a technical feasibility study or company staff training/mentoring by academic members of staff.


WiSAR can provide Feasibility or Proof-of-Concept studies as part of your product or process development and improvement cycles. These studies are funded directly by the company, by the utilisation of Innovation Vouchers or using a Technical Feasibility grant.  While each work programme is unique to the partner and problem statement, Feasibility Studies commonly include:

  • Background Research
  • Technical Due Diligence on potential techniques
  • Simulations
  • Experimental Analysis of the Process or Product
  • Search for Commercially Available & Viable solutions
  • Outline grant submissions


Academic staff are available to support companies on a contract basis.  Companies can specify LYIT as a contractor in RD&I applications for this purpose and fund directly or utilise an Innovation Voucher.  In addition, LYIT can partner with companies based in Northern Ireland under the Intertrade Ireland Fusion programme.  See the funding section for more details.

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